bicon4What is Pink Rides?

Pink Rides is a free community bike program for students at the Rhode Island School of Design. It is a project under the umbrella of BIKE TOWN.

bicon2xp-copy2Why have a community bike program?

Pink Rides’ serves to extend the joys of cycling to those who do not have access. It allows a broader range of motion, thus allowing students to get out of their “bubble” with greater ease. It also provides commuting convenience to and from studio, the grocery store or a friends house. And its all environmentally friendly and good for you.

bicon32How does it work?

All you have to do is go ask the public safety officer in the 15 West lobby for a key to a Pink Ride bikes. You will have to sign out the bike and leave your email address. We will send you a follow up email asking you to answer a 4 multiple choice questions about your experience.


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